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Re: [IP] RE: South Beach Deb

 in my regular visit with my doctor, he suggested I try a diet and I said ok,
which one ... atkins, dr. phil, south beach ... After looking at my blood work
and my history he recommended south beach. My point is before you try anything
consult with your doctor.
Have a safe and healthy New Year everyone!
Caryn & Lauren

Sybil Vaughn <email @ redacted> wrote:


My doctor orderded lab tests and couldn't find anything conclusive with them;
he said there was a lot of flu going around but my CDE was convinced that my
intensive lack of carbs was the cause. Yes the smoothie did make me feel better
and so did several days of drinking fruit juices.

My CDE also said that the South Beach was a good diet; you just have to be
careful. Phase I is the most restrictive; the book says to stay on Phase I for
 two weeks but also says that some people who need to lose lots of weight stay
it longer. I was on it for about 3 weeks. Phase II is less restrictive and
allows you to add back things that are disallowed in Phase I.

Four important things to remember in doing the South Beach or any other diet:
1) Consult with your doctor before starting and if given the green light to
 start, stay in touch with him/her and/or your CDE daily since your insulin
will change drastically.
2) Take one of the vitiman/mineral supplements specifically formulated for
people who are on low carb diets. Discuss the appropriate one with your doctor.
3) You don't gain a lot of extra pounds in a few weeks so it is neither
realistic nor healthy to lose it all in a few weeks.
4) If you start to have symptoms such as confusion, difficulty concentrating,
nausea or any other symptoms that signal a problem, consult your doctor

The book contains a lot of common sense advice and some decent recipes; I would
recommend it, but with the admonishment that you do have to be careful.

From: "Deb Downs" 
Subject: RE: [IP] Re: South Beach day one

Sybil -

Maybe I am just being dense, but was there any conclusion that the 
South Beach diet caused these symptoms? and was it an electrolyte imbalance? 
did the smoothie help you feel better?

I have been reading over the South Beach book again and am really 
leaning towards trying it out - so any input, pro or con, would be 


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