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Re: [IP] Novolog 70-30

Guess what, that is a marketing ploy as it is nothing more than the old 
pork insulin
marketed differently, even going to the trouble to get FDA approval. 
They are charging
an arm and a leg for it. The pork insulin is a match to canine insulin. 
Beef is a match
to felines. I read that article and all the company is doing is 
marketing the pork insulin
to owners of canine diabetics as a special insulin, made especially 
for...blah, blah....
disgusting it is.

I'm looking for someone who has used the Novolog 70-30 just to check on 
in action. I've been using NPH and Regular and dealing with 
inconsistent insulin action,
which is typical of the Humulins and Novolins. However, in late 
October, the insulin I
purchased didn't act like it did in the previous year and we know now 
it is the NPH...it's
like it is super-strong. The next vials acted the same way and other 
owners are also
having problems, both Novolin and Humulin NPH is involved so it must be 
we're getting
insulin that hasn't been degraded in shipping and we're not used to it. 
We all know how
consistent the analogs are over the older insulin types, including 
animal based products.
So, I've had enough and that Novolog 70-30 is now available in the U.S. 
and we're gearing
up to try it next Tuesday. All I'm looking for is a little feedback as 
to the consistency of
the action of the insulin....it should be more consistent than Humulin 
or Novolin 70-30....
but I don't know......

Thanks for taking the time to post Sylvia, much appreciated. Now, 
anyone out there even
know of someone on Novolog 70/30? I am assuming it would be generally 
used in a simplistic
manner for geriatric patients. I haven't found anything as to 
consistency in action on the
internet as yet.....maybe I don't know how to search it out right.


On Dec 31, 2004, at 12:50 PM, email @ redacted wrote:

> Margo,
>   In the newest Diabetes Forecast magazine (actually says Feb 2005 on 
> the
>  cover) they are talking about the newest insulin for DOGS that just 
> got
> approved
> and is available through your vet. 
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