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[IP] South Beach, Day 4 (and half of day 5)



Day 4:

Woke up and got the kids to their mother's house, BG at 78.


Ate eggs for breakfast; busy day ahead.  Took money to title company.  Their
initials are F A T (First American Title), so I thought their company
t-shirts would be funny, but they didn't see the humor.  I saw a signature
pad for filing documents, and they put FATCO on it, so that made me laugh
all that much more...


After the morning, I stayed above 100 (116 at dinner, 108 at bedtime), and
because of my work (moving boxes) I lowered my nighttime basal to .7 (from



Woke up with Mrs. Jeff hovering over me (usually a good sign), but it was
12:30pm.  She told me my blood sugar was 28, then 32.  She had put several
juice boxes in me, and my mouth tasted like glucose pills.  Testing before
my shower was 56, and just now (1:30) was 217.  Changed infusion set, and
now bolusing to bring back to 120; 2.5 units.  More exercise is planned for
today, and the smoothie idea is looking good.



With this diet, I need to target my blood sugar higher than 120, and note
the effects of exercise on my body.  I also need to pay closer attention to
my basal rates.  Good thing this is vacation week.




Weight:                      198

Total Insulin:             39/37.2 basal



Weight:                      197                 (definitely a downward

Food eaten:               some unknown quantity of glucose pills and 3 Capri

Waist:                         34


Today's activities:

Moving boxes!!!


Until next time!


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