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[IP] Cheating,Carb Counting, Atkins

At 5:06 AM 12/27/2004, email @ redacted wrote:
> I also hate the term "cheating".  Since the advantage of my pump is to 
> allow me to eat whatever I choose as long as I count the carbs for it and 
> bolus, then what is "cheating"?  IMO, "cheating" is an archiac term left 
> over from when there were few options for controlling bg other than strict 
> diet and schedule.  With today's technology, I believe it no longer 
> applies.  And, even back then, anyone who thought that having a snack to 
> raise a low was "cheating" must have believed you should just stay low.  I 
> would not have continued seeing those people for my care since they 
> obviously didn't understand diabetes.

 I too had an interesting conversation about two years ago with one of my
siblings. She, 7 years older than I was saying how she couldn't figure out how I
stayed on a diet when I at "that stuff". I can't remember what it was but
because it was in June, it most likely was something like strawberry shortcake
with whipped topping. I told her that so many people today do not understand
carb counting and the "new" way diabetes is treated. I went on to say that "so
long as I counted the carbs and take the appropriate amount of insulin for it, I
could eat it. I also have to count the carbs in ketchup and take insulin for

 She then told me that ketchup did not have carbs, so I handed her the bottle
and told her to look for herself. Funny thing, until then I had not noticed that
she had very few carbohydrates on her plate. I think she was on Atkins and
didn't tell me earlier.

 Oh by the way, my sister lives in Houston, TX and I live near St. Louis, MO so
we do not see each other often.

Cee Dee
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