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[IP] Re: bundle of nerves

You will do just fine!  Trust me, if I can do it anyone can!   Reading all 
the posts and the books and such can make it sound difficult  sometimes.  You 
 will find, though, that it is not all that hard. The pump you are getting has
a lot of neat features just as all the new models from  other companies do.  I 
was afraid of the newer model pumps but I found out  they are great.  Have to 
say, though, that I still miss the simplicity of  my older one but LOVE the 
features of my new one!  
Let us all know how you do!  After training and using the pump for a  while 
you'll be saying "piece of cake"!!!  And I don't mean the edible kind  either!
Good luck and congrats!
Debbie and "Annie", my Animas IR1200 pump
dx 3/63, age 8
pumping 3/00
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