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Re: [IP] Supplies needed Desperately

 I may be able to send you a bottle of novolog...but I am all the way in NV. I
have none of those strips though, however I do have an extra FreeStyle meter and
100 strips, if that would help? Do you have a Social Security office near you?
When I was at mine the other day, they have a brochure/order form called "when
you can't afford your medication" I have used them before when I was in the same
spot. They are easy to use and you get your meds for $5.00 per perscription, if
you can afford that. Some Drs offices and your local welfare type office also
carry that form. Also, go to your Dr or Endo and they should be able to help you
out with the insulin and maybe even the strips and infusion sets too, mine does.

email @ redacted wrote:
Hello everyone and I trust that your holidays were wonderful and everyone's 
BG's in control. I am asking for everyone's help. I was "let go" several 
months ago after returning from approved medical leave with a leg infection 
(now healed). With my job of 10 years, my insurance and income was gone. I was
denied unemployment benefits since my former employer is fighting my 
unemployment claim and currently am in a world of trouble. I have been diabetic
26 years and on the MM511 for the past 4. I take about 14 bottles of 
insulin every 3 months and check 8+ times a day. Since I have no insurance and
not able to qualify for "assistance" for what every reason the government 
feels like telling me my insulin and strips are almost gone from my stock pile.
I have lowered my basals in hopes of conserving a little insulin and have 
only been checking 1-2 times a day. Yes, I know not a good idea but I have no

I asking if anyone has any extra Accu-chek CC strips or Active Strips I 
would be in your debt for life. I also need either Novolog or Humalog insulin
as I use which ever I can find. 

Please e-mail me privately: email @ redacted 
(mailto:email @ redacted) 

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email @ redacted
for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe/change list versions,
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