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[IP] Need Help - Buying a new pump

To IP'ers:

I have been using my MM 507C since October 1999 and never had it given  me a 
single problem until last Thursday. On Wednesday morning, I changed  the 
batteries as I do every 6-8 weeks - Low Battery message. Once I put the new  
batteries in I got a message that indicated that memory was cleared E01. I  
 reprogrammed the pump and everything ran fine. End of problem? No, the
beginning. I
called MM help to see if I did something wrong and Cindy had  me remove the 
 batteries and put them back in. Immediately I got the E01 Memory Cleared

The best thing to do, according to Cindy and MM, is to replace the pump  and 
I agreed since I was planning to do it in mid-2005 anyway. I  was looking 
 forward to get the next generation pump with the Guardian System. It looks like
will have a  715 soon. I would then  add the Guardian BG monitoring feature 
when announced using the Pathways  program.

My questions are, what should I try to make sure that I request  from MM and 
my Insurance carrier - United Health Care during the 715  purchasing phase? 
What do I need to know about the 715? How does those who  have it find helpful 
and not so helpful?

All comments would be much  appreciated. 

Fred  " pumping since ' 81  "
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