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[IP] Re: South Beach day one

Hi Jeff,
Best wishes for a successful weight loss.
 I went on the South Beach diet early in 2004 on the advice of my cardiologist
and he also asked me to see his dietitian (he operates a lipid clinic). However
since I have had numerous visits with the dietitian at the diabetes center and
had also previously seen the dietitian at the lipid clinic, I did not see any
point in going again and so I didn't.
 I bought the book and had great success for the first two weeks; I was
satisfied with the food, was never hungry, and did not crave anything else. I
lost 13 pounds and since I had done so well, I decided to stay on Phase I for a
few more days. Then I started having problems concentrating on my work (no jokes
please :) ), had no energy, and became very sick (vomiting and diarrhea).
 The evening I was the sickest, my CDE just happened to call to see how I was
doing with my new Animas pump. When I told her what was going on, she was
concerned that I might have an electrolyte imbalance. She advised me to make a
smoothie with fruit, milk, and ice and to see the doctor the next day. She also
told me that any time you are on a carbohydrate restricted diet, it is very
important to take supplements to replace the nutrients you are missing.
So just a word of caution.   YMMV     
Date: Sun, 26 Dec 2004 13:00:36 -0800
From: "Dempsey, Jeff" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] South Beach, day one.

 I got the South Beach book and book on cd this
December.................................................... Do your homework
before going on any diet. Talk to
your medical team..........as always, YMMV......................   

Jeffrey R. Dempsey
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