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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V8 #623

I did not mean to imply that my endo uses the 1:15 ratio of insulin to carbs 
for everyone. That would be stupid. Prior to getting my pump, my endo 
 requested six months worth of test data from me. He then placed me in the
hospital for
three days and checked my BG's ever hour on the hour for 72 hours.(Yes, I got 
sore fingers) After this little ordeal, he arrived at the magic number of 15. 
Works great for me. Each Saturday when I walk eight miles with a group, I 
 reduce my basal rate by 50%, but continue the same 15/1 ratio for meals, but do
take more carbs with lunch. Seems to work for me. However, out of >13m 
 diagnosed D's in the US today, I am sure it would be difficult to find any two
can survive on the same treatment regimen. All D's should have a caring endo 
such as mine. Maybe some do, but there are many who do not.  B.W.
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