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[IP] FW: South Beach, Day 3, pt. 2

The day got better, as we signed for the house.  We went to the red
crustacean restaurant to celebrate, and I partook of one of those
crustaceans.  At least the tail...


Now, for the particulars:


Breakfast kind of melded into lunch, and the blood sugars stayed in the 70's


BG (12:15)                 74        (Doing light work around the house, so
kept the insulin and food out of the mix)

BG (4:10)                   68        I felt it falling, so I had some
cookies at the house closing. )

BG (5:10)                   122     (Right on the money!  The cookies I ate
were dark chocolate with a wafer underneath)


Ate steak and lobster for dinner (celebration with Mrs. Jeff) with
vegetables, shrimp, and stuffed mushrooms.  The waitress told me there were
some bread crumbs in the mushrooms, so I bolused two units for those.


BG (8:15)                   197     Feeling cranky, so I tested, and bolused
2.5 units to bring it down.  Packing house #1, so light work is considered
for this part of the day.



Well, I went a little off today with the Capri Sun and the cookies, but my
BG never went above 200!  This is nice, and tomorrow (well, actually today,
as it is 3am) looks to be better.  Current BG is 74.  No basal rate change
for me now.


Take care,




From: Dempsey, Jeff 
Sent: Tuesday, December 28, 2004 11:58 AM
To: 'email @ redacted'
Subject: South Beach, Day 3


Today got off to a rough start, as we had the walk-through the house this
morning at 9am.  Mrs. Jeff woke me up several times, but with my BG at 50 (I
guess the lower basal wasn't too low, after all), but I got there at 9:15,
and the house will be ours by the weekend.



BG (8:45am)             50.  Took one Capri Sun to bring it up, no insulin



2 sausage McMuffins sans English muffin.

1 large diet coke

1 Capri Sun


Weight:                      199  (Yeah!  I broke through 200!!!  I wasn't
so excited the last time I broke 200...)

Waist Size:                34" pants feel tight still.  Need to get a tape
measure today.  It'll help with the projects at the house as well... go


Overall observations:

I worked pretty hard last night, and that is the reason for the low blood
sugar.  Typically, when exercising (in whatever form), I tend to feel the
effects 12-36 hours after the exercise.  This falls in line with what I


The Capri Sun felt like I was cheating (for those of you on the other
thread...) but I gotta do what I gotta do.



*Frequently, when my BG is low, I bolus to cover any extra carbs I intake to
recover.  It's kind of weird, but it works for me.  The formula I use is 1/3
normal bolus for the carbs.  If my BG is below 70, then I do not bolus, only
a compensation bolus after recovering.
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