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[IP] Re: Half a pie (cheating)

> I don't just have ONE slice of the pie - I eat HALF the pie !!!  Explain  
> again
> when I wake up with a 430 BG how this is not cheating !
> Time for a new years resolution :-)

I have to agree with what Laura G said... overeating and underbolusing is  
a bad habit to get out of.. IMO there's nothing wrong with "indulging" now  
and then, we'd all be crazy not too - and the way I see it, there's truly  
nothing "off limits" to me as a diabetic, "cheating" to me is if I am  
trying to stay on a specific meal plan, and I stray way far away from that  
- but it's not cheating in a diabetic sense, it's cheating in a will-power  
sense ;) I will freely admit I've been known to knock off half a pie  
myself - but I've never gone to sleep and woken up at 400+ from it.  Even  
if that means taking 14-15+ units for it.. it's a LARGE amount of insulin,  
but it's what it takes (well for pumpkin - I haven't truly experimented!)   
Sometimes I'll even have to correct later, but I'll be correcting a 160 or  
180 at 3 hours rather than something really extremely high - basically  
something another unit or two would have handled in the first place... and  
when a bolus is only off by about 10%, I figure that isn't too bad ;)

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