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RE: [IP] Re: high BG

Well after years of the double guilt associated with overdoing it like
Robert,  I am now proud to say I'm down to single guilt - Just the guilt of
overeating and the likely weight gain - 

Today I flew back from San Jose to Dallas - At 9:00 am I passed the San Jose
airport Cinnabon store with a jones for coffee- knowing that I have always
LOVED cinnamon rolls ( Mom used to make great ones for thanksgiving )
I spent 5 buck on a cinnabon and a large coffee ( great at airport prices ) 

Walked to my gate and checked the Calorie king website to see the carb
estimate - Saw that it was a WHOPPING 105 carbs ...  I put aside my pride
and gave myself 21 units - 2.5 hours later on the plane I had a 162 BG ....

I nearly screamed ... I was thrilled - In the past I had no way of reliably
guessing the right amount of insulin and would always end up feeling like
crap for hours till I got BG back in line.  Double Guilt ....

Thankfully I only do the cinnabon thing about every 18 months BUT at least
now when I do - I know that the only bad effects will be my BMI not my BG...

Mortals cant understand how powerful that has been for me.  Next week I get
my pump.  Cant wait....


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> For forty-five years I've tried to understand why a diabetic would be born

> with a sweet tooth. Alas, it just seems so wrong.

I think God has a sense of humor.  That is HOW I explain my sweet tooth.  I 
don't just have ONE slice of the pie - I eat HALF the pie !!!  Explain again

when I wake up with a 430 BG how this is not cheating !
Time for a new years resolution :-)
Robert Boyd

Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again

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