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[IP] half a pie


Just thinking about this "cheating" business and reading your posts and
feeling a little concerned. I think eating something really large, way
underestimating the carbs and fats, going to sleep and waking up surprised by
one's BG is a habit you might be able to get out from under in 2005, no matter
what happens with your diet. If you really want a half a pie, then be honest
about what you eat and cover it well and do the necessary testing. Look up the
carbs, bravely bolus for all of them and cover the fats too in whatever way
works for you, probably using an extended or square wave, and set the alarm
and check BG in the middle of the night, maybe twice. Realistically, you might
eat another half-pie sometime next year. If you do, use your pump to its
fullest and resolve to wake up the next morning with decent BGs. Lots of
fellow diabetics here pulling for you--let us know how you're doing, take good
care of yourself, and don't be waking up with those 430s anymore, OK?

(Why I hate the term "cheating": if you're eating something you know is
"wrong" it's pretty hard to sit down, put it on a plate, enjoy it with
friends, or, worst of all...teach yourself how to bolus accurately for it!
Makes you crazy, keeps you from learning, and defeats healthy attitudes about

Laura G.
25 years IDDM, 7 years pumping, still happy with her new Cozmo, made
cranberry/raisin pie yesterday

I don't just have ONE slice of the pie - I eat HALF the pie !!!  Explain again
when I wake up with a 430 BG how this is not cheating !
Time for a new years resolution :-)
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