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[IP] Re:Sick Days (was insulin-pumpers-digest V8 #622)

At 9:25 AM -0800 12/28/04, Ivy Randel wrote:
 > I have a question about sick day[s] on a pump, I just recently went through 4
>days where I could not keep anything in. How do you adjust your pump for times
>like these. I use 4.1 units per hour and my bolus is 16,20,16. I did 
>not change
>anything because I could not get information with changes from medical people
>who do not know anything about pumps in my area. Can someone give me some
>information in case this ever happens again. My BG stayed with in the normal

If your Bg stayed within range, then that was the correct procedure 
for that illness.  Your illnesses and symptoms may vary.  Typically I 
have to UP my basals when I can't keep things down to avoid DKA. 
You indicate a basal rate of 4.1, so I am going to assume (yeah, I 
know!) that you are Type 2.  You may not have the problem with DKA, 
but you can go hyperglycemic.   YMMV

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