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[IP] [Fwd: RE: South Beach, Day 2 -- Basal Rate]

Hi All,
   I asked Jeff this question privately and he suggested I forward it on 
to the list, so I am!


-------- Forwarded  Message --------

Hi Bob,

Actually, the basals are fine.  It is my reduced carb intake for phase 1 of
the South Beach Diet that has my ratio so high. 

This might be something good for the rest of the group to see, so if you are
comfortable, please forward this to the group.


-----Original Message-----

Hi Jeff,
   Just curious & I know this is a big YMMV thing but.....  I was always 
taught that basal insulin should be about 60% of the TDD.  Yours appears 
to be about 90%.  When was the last time you did basal rate testing? 


Dempsey, Jeff wrote:

>Total insulin dose for day 2:  40.4/36.4 basal
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