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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V8 #622

 Not sure I am understanding your insulin numbers....only 1 basal rate of 4.1
units per hour all day? That seems high, but I know everyone is different...my
basal is around the .5 units per hour...changed up or down depending on time of
day and activity. I don't understand the 16,20,16 bolus numbers either. Do you
bolus based on the number of carbs you are eating? Anyway, terminology aside,
when I have been sick with the flu...vomiting, etc, my BG goes through the roof.
I keep checking my BG and giving boluses. One has to be a little careful because
if you go overboard and have an insulin reaction you just might have a hard time
correcting because you are sick to your stomach and won't want to eat or drink
anything. I keep juice handy all of the time just in case. I usually alert my
Endo if I am so sick that I can't get my BG to go down. Once I start to feel
better it always goes down, but having a high BG level for any length of time
can be very serious and lead to !
 DKA so I
  don't mess around even though I have never had DKA, it doesn't sound like fun!

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I have a question about sick day[s] on a pump, I just recently went through 4
days where I could not keep anything in. How do you adjust your pump for times
like these. I use 4.1 units per hour and my bolus is 16,20,16. I did not change
anything because I could not get information with changes from medical people
who do not know anything about pumps in my area. Can someone give me some
information in case this ever happens again. My BG stayed with in the normal


Ivy Randel you can e-mail me off the list if you wish

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