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RE: [IP] total nutrient counting

> My doctor uses the formula of counting all 
> carbohydrates grams, = protein grams, + < fat 
> grams divided by your insulin ratio 

I was going to mention that "Diabetic Insulin Manager"  at
www.pocketdiabetic.com has this feature built in.  But Melissa beat me to

Note that out of the box, this program uses the formula ((1 * gCHO) + (.6 *
gPRO) + (.25 * gFAT))/ Carb Factor, but all of the percentages are
changeable.  Since this would result in a larger bolus than counting carbs
alone, how does it affect the bolus to basal ratio?  Do you have to target
something like 60/40 instead of 50/50?  Or do you simply adjust your Carb
Factor (Insulin Resistance Coefficient) to compensate?  It also seem like it
would be most effective if the bolus were given in a dual wave, with the CHO
units taken immediately and the PRO/FAT taken over an hour or two.

Type II Pumping 12/03 MM512
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