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[IP] thanks Mr. Jeff for the aha moment

Scrolling through Mr. Jeff's diary, I had an aha moment. When he was 78 at
bedtime (and on his diet), instead of eating/drinking something not on the
plan, he lowered his basal for the night and went to bed. I have been
pumping for 18 months, and have often complained that having to consume 8
ounces of OJ and a handful of cookies or eat a sandwich in order to go to
bed was ruining my diet because if I am not well over 100 (more like 125) at
bedtime, I will hit a low in the night. And this rarely happens so my basals
prior to bedtime are working pretty well. It never occurred to me just to
lower my nighttime basal and go to bed. Go figure! (But I would check it
again before going to bed to be sure it was not going lower and lower--and I
am not sure I have the faith to do that) Does anyone else do this --lower
their basal and go to bed?

Anyway, thank you,Jeff, you have given me something to think about!

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