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[IP] total nutrient counting

My doctor uses the formula of counting all carbohydrates grams, =
protein grams, + < fat grams divided by your insulin ratio mine is 25 to
1 so I take the total and divide it by 25. I use a program that is
available for a pocket PC. To calculate for this, it can be found at
www.pocketdiabetic.com It has the list of thousands of foods that is in
my doctors book that he hands out, plus it allows me to add any other
foods that I have the nutrient counts on, plus it keeps records of BGs
bolus amounts foods consumed and links to my home computer to allow
storing and printing of these records.
This really makes my doctors program of diabetes management
easier-since Im no good with math or formulas.

Melissa Kirchem, Minimed 511, pumping 2 = yrs, diabetic since 1964.

Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2004 20:02:21 -0800
From: Earl and Kay Guy <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V8 #621

Not everyone has a 1:15 ratio for insulin to carbs. My 16 year old
daughter's ratio varies from 1:8 to 1:15 depending on the time of day
and her recent level of exercise. I hope your endo does not expect all
of his patients to have a 1:15 ratio all the time. That is not good
medical advice.

On Monday, December 27, 2004, at 07:53 PM, email @ redacted wrote:

> Rebecca my endo has prepared a book containing more than 10,000 items,

> their
> serving size, carb content, protein and fat content.  The foods are
> listed
> down the left side of the page, followed in a horzintl line are the
> nutrients
> followed by constants from 25 down to 2. Mine happens to be 15. The
> actual
> formula then becomes:
> Insulin dose = [(gCHO+(gPRO*0.5)+(gFAT*0.25)/15   Then a meal
> containing 30
> grams carb, 20 grams protein and 20 fat grams would be 30+10+5=45/15=
> 3 units
> of insulin to cover that meal.  The figures I use are a bit lopsided,
> but I
> wanted things to come out even.
> He will not sell this book to non-patients of his. His CDE uses it in
> training his patients and then they give it to you or bill your
> insurance.
> B.W. diabetic since 1958, pumper since 2000
> .
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