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[IP] RE: crickets and carbs

Shawna wrote:
I hear that brain, eyeballs and some other organs are very good for you,  NOT
that I am going to go out and eat them, but have eaten crickets and ants and
if you have ever eaten a Hershey's chocolate bar, then you too have eaten
cockroaches!!  Gross, but true!  Check out the FDA on how many "ppm"  are
 allowed of what in what, and you will want to only eat nothing for the rest
our lives!

I don't know if that list has the mouse content for peanut butter, but that
was a disgusting thing *I* learned in some higher science class eons ago (mice
parts are in LOTS of things, we just figure it is boiled, fried or otherwise
sterilized and if the hair or eyes arent' visable...well. you know..what you
don't know w3on't hurt you?)

enough on THIS thread to suit me <as I get those goosebumpy things just
thinking about it>

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