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[IP] RE: South Beach, Day 2

Day 2, continued...

Lunch turned out to be a lettuce wrapped hamburger, salad with some sort of
crispy bread thing, and diet pepsi at a restaurant named for a rouge rockin'
bird (yum!) with Mrs. Jeff and the boys.  


Blood sugar before lunch: 146.  

Bolused two units.


Snacked on pepperoni stick and cheese stick and diet coke... I should cut
down on that....


Blood sugar before dinner (around 6pm): 176

Bolused two units

Ate leftover tuna salad.  Not very hungry tonight.  Worked quite a bit at
the new house, installing the central vacuum system.  Had family night with
the kids and Mrs. Jeff.  Had a hard time with the brownies afterward.


Nighttime (before bed) reading:  78

Set basal rate for 1.5 hours at 0.7 units from 1.4


Total insulin dose for day 2:  40.4/36.4 basal


Looking forward to weigh in tomorrow.  I still need to find a measuring


Talk to y'all tomorrow!






From: Dempsey, Jeff 
Sent: Monday, December 27, 2004 10:21 AM
To: 'email @ redacted'
Subject: South Beach, Day 2


Thanks for all of the encouragement.


Last night, my Blood sugar, when going to bed was 126

Woke up at 8:30 (love those holidays...)

Blood sugar not taken until 10am:  117

Feeling OK; not hungry or dying of hunger pains...
There is definitely some wisdom in the book about getting hungry from the
highs and lows experienced with blood sugar swings.  Christmas eve and day,
I went through about 120 units each day, just with high compensation and



Breakfast (from day two of the book):

Tomato Juice (gotta finish the can...)

Going with the 3 egg cheese omelet cooked with olive oil.  I don't have any
Canadian Bacon (eh?) nor liquid egg substitute.


It's going to be a busy day.  I have to pack to move (we're buying a house
tomorrow... Don't tell Mrs. Jeff; it's a Christmas/Anniversary/Valentines
gift.  Is the first anniversary the house or paper one?  I forget...)


Snack is going to be pistachios.  


My vitals:

Total Insulin for yesterday:             45.0 units/38.4 basal

Blood sugar:             117

Weight:                      200 (taken consistently after a shower... sorry
for the visual...)

Waist:                         Nothing scientific (yet), but the 34" pants
feel snug.

Height:                       70"

Desired Weight:       170


For those of you looking into this, I suggest the local library or looking
at used books at your local South American River system books.com. 


Until tonight,


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