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[IP] "cheating"

The discussion of cheating followed my post about eating goodies at
Christmas and then having high BG. I finally problem-solved to figure out I
had air in the tube and was not receiving insulin. But I never said I
cheated. Like many have pointed out, it is the uninformed that usually
insist we diabetics can't eat sweets. They are so in the dark ages. They
just don't get it that we can eat normally (if we bolus correctly). Now when
I use the phrase "I cheated," it has nothing to do with diabetes! It has to
do with any diet plan, or weight loss program that I have commited to--and
have gone off of--and feel guilty about! This Christmas, I did not feel
guilty--I enjoyed every last calorie! NOW is the time to commit to a weight
loss program--enough is enough--and it will help my health in more ways than
you can imagine--back, knees, cholesterol, and BG and insulin consumption, I
am sure.

And I agree with those who have commented on tiring of the eye rolls and
condemnation of those know-it-alls every time we diabetics eat anything
sweet. They don't have a clue about carbs, pumps, bolusing, etc. and many
just don't want to learn!  Oh, well...keep trying...

Gayle (starting the "program" very soon...with no cheating!)
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