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No Subject

Some type 1s go low without any warning and can't treat themselves for low 
blood sugar. --I know I'm a broken record. You've heard it all before--  My 
husband had his first convulsion in January of 1981; he was diagnosed in May 
of 1978.  He had no warning he was that low at all.

Just woke up, kissed me and had a convulsion.  I've never forgotten it!  He 
had many after that, too as well as a lot of lows that he never seemed to be 
able to notice for himself and treat.  Hypoglycemic unawareness in spades!

So?  Would I keep a glucagon kit around for lows in a newly diagnosed 
diabetic child?  I sure would!  I never even knew there was such a thing 
until about 8 years ago and I always keep it handy even though since my 
husband has been on the pump he hasn't needed even 1 shot of glucagon.  
Insurance? Back-up?  Call it what you like.

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