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[IP] Re: Was south beach now insulin intake

Hi Cyndy,

Yes, the great thing about a pump is that you can bolus the right amount of
insulin for the carbs that you eat at any time of the day or night.

With the basal rate set correctly, you don't have to eat and your bg will stay
in range (that is, of course, without any special circumstances such as
illness, vigourous exercise, etc.).

I would say that Claire never has a zero bolus meal, as she is not a salad
eater.  But often her meal bolus is very small, only one unit or one and a
half units, to cover a glass of milk and two rice cakes.  Her carb/insulin
ratio is 1:15 generally.  Mornings she needs more insulin for food and before
exercising vigorously she takes less.  Everyone has different needs and that
is what you will work on determining once Ben starts pumping.

It is really useful to have a gram scale when you are pumping so that you can
weigh foods and easily determine the carbs in the serving that you want.  Hope
that you can find one.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 10

<<Does every one on a pump use strictly carb/insulin ratio for how much
insulin to take?
Why or how could you get away with no insulin for a meal?
As you get older does it meal that as someone with diabetes you can eat no
carb meals
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