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[IP] Time for a new pump???

I have been using my MM 507C since October 1999 and never had it give me a  
 single problem until I mentioned "that" on this site a few weeks ago. I should
have known better. Late week I changed the batteries as I do every 6-8 weeks. 
 Once I put the new batteries in I got a message that indicated that memory 
was  cleared. I reprogrammed the pump and everything ran fine. End of problem? 
NO. I  then called MM help and Cindy had me remove the batteries and put them 
back in  immediately. Bingo! Memory Cleared. Reprogrammed and it is running 
The best thing to do, according to MM, is replace the pump and I agreed  
 since I was planning to do it in mid-2005 anyway. I was planning to get the
generation "727" with the Guardian System. It looks like I will have a  717 
soon. I would like to then add the Guardian BG monitoring feature when  
announced using the Pathways program.
My question is, what things should I try to make sure that I negotiate  with 
MM and my Carrier - United Health Care during the purchasing  phase? 
All comments would be much appreciated. 
Fred  " pumping since ' 81 "
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