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RE: [IP] Re: Cheating

Usually when people do that (speak about what I eat), it is one of three

1.	Ignorance.  I can help them with that by explaining the whole
pump/bolus/carb counting thing.
2.	Horrible experience with aunt Bessie that had diabetes and lost all
of her appendages before dying a horrible death at age 36.  I let them know
that by proper use of the pump and all of the magic therein, I can
effectively simulate what their body does automatically.
3.	Stupidity.  This is #1 or #2 (or a combination thereof) where the
person is either condescending, thick headed, or lacks the mental reserve to
step outside their own experience.  No help is offered or deserved. 

Most people (95% in my experience) fall into category 1, and are wiling to
spend 5 minutes to learn; my last example was a screener at PDX (Portland
International Airport) who, while frisking me told me he was a type 2
diabetic, and I told him about the IP list, and he took the info.  He was
very interested in the pump, and I hope I taught him not to fear it.  I even
used a snappy comeback, which he enjoyed.

People in the #2 group are tougher to deal with, as they have had a personal
experience with the ravages of diabetes, and so it takes a little longer.
In effect, what is being said is that Aunt Bessie didn't take care of
herself, and since I am, I can take more liberties with what I eat, belly

People in the #3 group are even tougher to deal with, and since I have four
kids, I have enough stubborn people to deal with in my life, so I let them
go on their merry way, with one word of advice.  If you see me lying on the
ground, please just call 911.  Don't try to fix me.



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<A very small serving of that luscious >
<chocolate dessert, appropriately bolused for, is not cheating. >

This thread is timely for me as, with the holidays, I have been occasionally

indulging in a small dessert in front of others. One guy at work, new to the

company but knows I am diabetic, has been giving me looks like I must be 
crazy. He asked, "Should you be eating that?" to which I replied, "Should 
you? If it's bad for me, it's bad for you." I don't think he liked that 
answer too much. I tried to explain about the pump, carbs, bolusing, etc., 
but I could tell by the blank expression on his face I wasn't getting 
through, so I gave up and just tried to make light of it.

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