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Re: [IP] Combining Threads (Complications, Cheating, High BG and South Beach)

At 11:08 AM 12/27/2004, jspock @over-the-rainbow.com wrote:
>I hate the term "cheating".  I'm not doing anything dishonest to gain an 
>advantage by having a snack.  What really turned me off was when I was 
>younger and staying at Joslin for a week, they asked how many people 
>cheated on their diet.  When not many people responded, they asked how 
>many people have ever had to eat an extra snack for a low or have ever 
>skipped a carb for a high.  To them, that's cheating.  To me, it's all 
>just another way to blame the patient for something they don't understand.

I also hate the term "cheating".  Since the advantage of my pump is to 
allow me to eat whatever I choose as long as I count the carbs for it and 
bolus, then what is "cheating"?  IMO, "cheating" is an archiac term left 
over from when there were few options for controlling bg other than strict 
diet and schedule.  With today's technology, I believe it no longer 
applies.  And, even back then, anyone who thought that having a snack to 
raise a low was "cheating" must have believed you should just stay low.  I 
would not have continued seeing those people for my care since they 
obviously didn't understand diabetes.

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