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[IP] Combining Threads (Complications, Cheating, High BG and South Beach)

Thought I'd combine some of my responses here, to save some time and 

For the folks that asked about complications:

I do believe it's genetic.  I have never had an A1 lower than 10 in my 
entire 28 years with Type 1, and I have no complications (I just get other 
weird stuff).

For Jeff and the other folks discussing South Beach:

Jeff: I would love to see updates on how you're doing.  My mom and several 
friends are considering the SB Diet and, although they are not diabetic, I 
think it would be really encouraging for them to see benefits other than the 

For the folks discussing "cheating" and high blood sugars:

I hate the term "cheating".  I'm not doing anything dishonest to gain an 
advantage by having a snack.  What really turned me off was when I was 
younger and staying at Joslin for a week, they asked how many people cheated 
on their diet.  When not many people responded, they asked how many people 
have ever had to eat an extra snack for a low or have ever skipped a carb 
for a high.  To them, that's cheating.  To me, it's all just another way to 
blame the patient for something they don't understand.

I had a high bg that came out of nowhere about a month ago.  (Turned out I 
had a stomach bug and some minor internal bleeding causing problems.)  It's 
definately bug and flu season.  Perhaps you're coming down with something?  
The fat content of the holiday goodies sounds like a better bet, though.  
Keep checking for ketones, too, don't forget.  They can sneak up on ya.

Weird Jenn
email @ redacted
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