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[IP] MiniMed

 I'm sure that some people may have problem with ordering anything - even
supplies - from any company, but I just want to say something positive about
Medtronic MiniMed. I've NEVER any problem with ordering anything and have even
had replacements sent without any interrogation. The last time I ordered from
MM, the order was placed on Friday and the supplies arrived on Monday. Insurance
was filed and I will be billed for any of the remaining cost, which is minimal.
There has never been a time when I experienced problems with anyone at MM,
whether it's a question about ordering or about what type of supplies to get for
the MM512. I say HOORAY for MM! I'm sorry that some of you have experienced
problems, but that's certainly NOT the case with any contact that I've made!
RE: Ticked off at Minimed

Why don't you people cut the cord with Minimed for your supplies!!!!  I 
a Minimed pump and have never relied on them for my supplies.  Go to 
else.  They won't do this to you.  I am not going to mention the 
company I
use but I have never ever ever had anything but good things to say 
them and I know that there are others out there but if you have 
and you need pump supplies, try someone else but Minimed.  You won't be
frustrated anymore I promise. 
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