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[IP] travelling tips for the IP member going to Europe

For the IP member for will be travelling to Europe:

I've travelled quite a bit both before pumping and now pumping.  I'm 
actually serving with the Peace Corps right now in Bulgaria.  One great tool 
you should look into is a Frio pack.  They are produced in the UK and you 
can order them online at www.frio.uk.com  They are little pouches that you 
submerge in water for 15 minutes and then they stay cold for several days.  
I brought 6 months worth of insulin with me in one of the large pouches and 
so far it has all held up well.

You'll also need to get a letter from your doctor stating that you have 
Diabetes and listing the medical supplies you are required to carry (mainly 
so they don't question your sharps like lancets, syringes, and infusion 

You can get a loaner pump from your pump company.  I actually have a loaner 
Animas pump for 2 years while I'm here, I was quite impressed that they 
would loan one for that long.  Also bring Lantus for backup in case your 
pump and loaner pump fail.  Bring an extra meter as well, and batteries and 
all your other supplies of course.  I actually switched infusion sets from 
Quicksets to Comforts because the packaging on Quicksets is enormous and 
comforts are pretty flat and compact.  Again, this would all be dependant on 
how long you will be gone and whether packing light is necessary.

Take phone numbers for all your doctors and specialists at home in case you 
have an emergency.

I buy ketostix in individually packaged foil wrappers for travel.  You can 
buy a box of 20, which depending on the length of your trip, should be 
plenty and then you don't have to pack the large vial, or worry about it 
expiring while you are overseas.

For the time change...I recommend setting your pump ahead by about 2 hours 
each day rather than changing it to the local time right away.  When I first 
got here I change it immediately and was having highs all night and lows 
during the day.  If I did it again, I would do it much more gradually while 
your body adjusts.

I love hearing about travelling overseas, good luck to you!

dx 1986 T1 at age 9, pmpg for 2.5 yrs with Novolog
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