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Re: [IP] I am so very lucky

> I have the same problems with control you all do, but for what ever  
> reason
> I have been lucky enough to have stalled the onset of most of the  
> complications.
> If any of you out there feel the way I do please contact me as to what  
> you have
> done in order to keep youself free of complications.
>  Wendell

Having known your dad (we went to school together, despite the fact I am  
quite literally *half* of *your* age!), I think amazing people just tend  
to run in your family! ;)  That and having a father (and likely other  
family as well) who was as educated and pro-active about the disease  
probably did NOT hurt! But it could just be luck....

I'm only just over 4 years past being diagnosed myself, and I've had ups  
and downs, but I hope to live the rest of my life as healthy as my genes  
predispose me to be... I'm 99% sure I'll die of cancer before D ever  
causes me problems, but that doesn't mean I'm taking chances, so for now,  
I do what I can to avoid any future problems, even if that means some days  
I "better" than others! ;)

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