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RE: [IP] South Beach, day one.

OK, lunch was breakfast, but the activity that belongs on the spirit list
that Mrs. Jeff and I went to only offers a small piece of bread and water.
The kids that we teach get cookies and snacks at the end of class (a thinly
veiled bribe) were quite tempting, but I withheld (crowd goes wild...)  But
here are the blood sugars:

I had no insulin with breakfast, due to the low blood sugar (target is 120).

13:34	95
14:40	111	
16:04	162		took 1 unit

So, flat blood sugars, with a slight rise at the end.  Not bad.  Captain
Crunch would have had me at 350 plus...

Now, on to dinner...
Having tuna with 2 Tbsp of mayo (canola oil based) and three pickles.
Blood sugar before:  164, took 5 units to cover tomato juice carbs.

Let you all know how that turns out.  I am impressed with the lack of hunger
I have, so the better.  I miss bread and cookies today, but so far, so good.


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Subject: [IP] South Beach, day one.

Hey folks,


You may or may not be interested, but I got the South Beach book and book on
cd this December, and I thought I'd give it a try, and let y'all know about
it.  I'm not selling anything; I am my own personal Guinea Pig (insert joke
here...) on this.  Here are my stats:


Age:                            36

Weight:                      200 (per the scale in the bathroom)

Desired Weight:       170

Starting Date:            12/26/04 (Trying to get the rush on the New Year

People in house not

on diet:                       5, including 4 kids, aged 9-14 (who eat all
kinds of junk food), and Mrs. Jeff, who may need some convincing.  She has
the book on CD, now.


Morning Blood Sugar 10am):        87

Breakfast: (11am)                Two eggs, over medium, using olive oil

                                                Two pieces of sausage

                                                8oz Tomato Juice

                                                8oz Ricotta Cheese with real
vanilla added


Rest of family's breakfast:  Eggs, scrambled in olive oil

                                                Homemade pancakes




Post breakfast feeling:  full.


OK, the reason that I am doing this is to show people that it can be done,
and to have others help keep me on the wagon.  I also want to show the diet
can work, and give some people hope (or despair, depending who you are...)
that there are diets out there that work. 


What I will do is this:  Do your homework before going on any diet.  Talk to
your medical team.  Anything I put in here is MY personal experience, and as
always, YMMV.  Do not try this at home.  Batteries not included.
Professional drivers on closed road.  Wear your helmet.  If there are any
warnings I have not included, please include them here.


I will put what I eat, my blood sugars, and my weight.  Any other info that
I deem necessary will be put here.  I am hoping for the "8-13 lbs of belly
fat" to be lost in the first two weeks, so there is a slimmer Jeff for Mrs.
Jeff to enjoy.

The former Mr. Mrs. Jeff had a heart attack and died, due to high
cholesterol, so I want to avoid that as well.  Won't help her reputation any
if she is a double widow before 30.  People will talk.


If the admins tell me to knock it off, I will.                        


Thank you,


Jeffrey R. Dempsey

Field Service Engineer

email @ redacted   Pager

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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe/change list versions,
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