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RE: [IP] high BG

What is "cheating"???   I indulge in some sweets during the holidays,
but I do NOT consider it cheating.  To use the word "cheating" is
another way to validate the phrase "non-compliant" and we now KNOW
that it is only Medical Professionals who can be "non-compliant".   I
would like to see the words "cheating" and "non-compliant" totally
banished from the diabetics vocabulary unless it is in regards to
some Medical Practitioners practices (and we KNOW that many of them
still need to practice)    JMO     ;>)

Oh come on now George!  Ok, I'll take back the word "cheating" and say
"overindulge" instead.  Ok?  Is that better??? :) :) :)

Kathy Bruckmeyer
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