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[IP] Frozen Shoulder - 3 Surgeries

Thanks for the Frozen Shoulder Website info.
I jhave had 3 shoudler surgeries. R side from ski accident then got
stiff & couldn't move it.. akak frozen ., physical therapy, surgey
(manipulation.. yuk), then lots more PT until it got better.
Left shoudler 1 torn labrum then1 year later went in to scrape out more
scar tisssue.
My doctors tell me 30% of the frozen shoulderes are diabetics!! They say
becase we heal slower. So aniinflamatories and an annual cortizone
injection when I get to the USa once  ayear is my course. You can also
take prednisone for 1 week and that callms it down for  a little while..
but it sends your sugars thru the roof (H-Tron pump +50 % for  a week)
Well, the last shoulder surgery on the left side still gives me pain, I
still do stretches & "physical therapy" which means playing golf once a
weeek in Africa.
Pastor Chuck Heidenreich 

c/o Greater Grace Church of Ashaiman 
P.O. Box 193 


Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 19:40:09 -0800 (PST)
From: Sybil Vaughn <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] frozen shoulder
 I suffered with a frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) for almost 4
years. There seems to be so little information available on the subject
and from what I've read, even less is known. I was distressed because I
didn't seem to fit the mold, i.e. the average patient.
  However it appears that little research has been done on the subject
so I don't think there is an average set of symptoms and treatments. I
made the remark recently that we diabetics need to get our medical
degrees so we can do the research and come up with whatever we need to
know to coordinate our care.
 Anyway thankfully I can say that the condition has finally just now
been put behind me.
 I felt that it might be helpful to someone else if I added a page to my
website about the condition so that's what I did. I summarized the
information I read, included several links, and told my own experinces.
The addy for this page if you are interested is 
Hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas!
http://www.sbvdrsilkycrsilky.com <http://www.sbvdrsilkycrsilky.com/> 
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