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[IP] RE: high BG

Gayle asked "Any thoughts about what I have done?"

and I wonder if all the goodies, high fat (an dof course sugar) laden are just
catching up?

besides the things you checked (set, pump, etc) that would be MY guess (and I
am not a professional, well, I am a professional DIABETIC (ha ha) but since it
is such a YMMV thang, that counts for swuidly, you know :-)

the last time i went crazy, i bolused fo rhte carbs, seemed ot be doing ok,
but 15-20 hrs later, was sky high, like you I figured that the set or pump was
not working correctly, but alas, all I can guess is that the high dose of fats
kept on working (like the old TImex slogam about takes a licking and keeps on

monitor, monitor, monitor and perhaps have a friend that can call and check on
you at soem designated tiem, in case you fall aslepp and forget to monitor (I
HATE the word test, implication of good or bad anser)

IDDM ~36 yrs and counting
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