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RE: [IP] high BG

Don't feel so bad.  I'm sure there are LOTS of us who cheated during the
holidays :) :) :)...thus, the beauty of being on an insulin pump!

There are many reasons why you were high and didn't come down, such as bad
site, bad insulin, higher fat content with cheat foods that shows up later
on, or you might be getting close to menstruation and experiencing insulin

I think you did the right thing by injecting insulin but I would have halved
the amount and then made it up later on if you still didn't come down.

I know there are days when I am in the 300's all day long for no reason and
I just attribute it to some insulin resistance and then the insulin seems
like it stored up and decided to let go at one time...and whammo, LOW!!!

Just hang around the glucometer and keep checking and I would eat regularly
and bolus for that food.

Smart move not to shovel snow though!  I think that would bring it down too
fast, too much exertion!

Of course you feel tired with having such a high b.g.!  Who wouldn't???

I wouldn't worry though as long is you weren't showing any ketones,
eventually it will come back down.

Good luck and hope you don't wind up crashing.

Merry Christmas to you!  :):)
Kathy Bruckmeyer
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