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[IP] high BG

I have been doing well as far as my readings go, but I have not been
behaving myself over the holiday, I must admit. I ate goodies and drank
apple cider after church Christmas eve and ate some goodies Christmas day at
my friends' house--but bolused and later corrected when I guessed wrong.
This morning I woke up and was 220. I did not eat or drink anything after
breakfast and breakfast was the same cereal I always have, and I did
remember to bolus for it. However, at 10 am I was 513, took a correction
according to Bolus Wizard and checked to make sure I wasn't on suspend and
that I was hooked up! I tested again at 11:45 and was only down to 465. The
bolus wizard didn't want me to take any insulin as I had 10 units of active
insulin. So I pulled the whole damn thing out and gave a manual shot of 10
units of humalog assuming I had a bubble or kink at the entry point
preventing me to receive insulin and my BG to come down. ( I thought I
should have come down more in almost 2 hours) Then I changed the whole set.
Now I am worried that the active insulin( if any of it did make it into my
body!) plus the 10 units I took are going to send me LOW eventually. I did
eat a low carb lunch and did not bolus just in case. I am coming down --am
now 272. I am TIRED and would like a nap, but don't dare as I need to keep
checking . I also had planned to shovel some of this snow that hit Ohio--but
again--I feel I need not to do anything to cause me to drop until I see what
is going to happen. Any thoughts about what I have done?

I rarely have any problems like this except the time I went to 1400 because
the cannula had fallen out!--another story!

dx'd 1997
pumping on Minimed Paradigm 512 since 8/03
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