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RE: [IP] Shame on us

I would second all that you've said about customer service techs and 
clinicians and add that I'm amazed at how many are pump users themselves.

So I say customer service techs and clinicians deserve a cheer from us 
because most are there to help, listen and more.

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>Subject: [IP] Shame on us
>Date: Sat, 25 Dec 2004 21:13:18 -0800 (PST)
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>  Last week we heard the words of many complaining about how not so well 
>company that supplied their pump was doing.
>Having diabetes, I have to say "shame on us".
>  We are to be proactive in our diabetes. It does not matter who supplies 
>pump, we know that even insulin injections did not work. That is why some 
>of us
>now use a pump. We have to take care of ourselves. There is always the 
>that something won't work. We have had to live with diabetes all of ours 
>and it is our responsibility to care for ourselves. We cannot be depending 
>anyone or thing, but ourselves.
>  We all need to have that back up insulin, infusion sets, batteries, etc. 
>the 800 number to call for emergencies).
>  And someone else tells us that the person on the line did not help with
>suggesting doses of insulin for injections. Those people on the line cannot 
>medical advice. They are there for support, to help with pumps and they 
>need to
>follow the guidelines set up by the FDA. They don't tell you to call the MD 
>the fun of it. There are always emergency MDs to assist us in making those
>decisions. Even if it is not your regular MD. It is better than asking 
>not familiar with dosing to give you suggestions. What ever happened to 
>care of ourselves?
>  Most of these people on the phone are there because they want to be. They 
>a passion for helping us. There are many other jobs that they can hold, but 
>chose us. Many do it because they themselves are a diabetic or they have 
>close to them that uses the pump.
>  I know how hard it is to do without a pump and it is frustrating. It is 
>what someone else said last week. We all have a pump that we like and we 
>using them to have better control of a devastating disease. Not everyone is
>going to like the same one. There are different needs and wants. We need to 
>what can be done and what our manuals actually say (we need to read them).
>Nothing in this life is perfect.
>  I respect those who care for me and actually take the time to talk to me 
>when I
>need them.
>Thank you to all the customer service, techs and clinicians!
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