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[IP] Shame on us

 Last week we heard the words of many complaining about how not so well the
company that supplied their pump was doing.
Having diabetes, I have to say "shame on us".  
 We are to be proactive in our diabetes. It does not matter who supplies our
pump, we know that even insulin injections did not work. That is why some of us
now use a pump. We have to take care of ourselves. There is always the chance
that something won't work. We have had to live with diabetes all of ours lives
and it is our responsibility to care for ourselves. We cannot be depending on
anyone or thing, but ourselves.
 We all need to have that back up insulin, infusion sets, batteries, etc. (or
the 800 number to call for emergencies).
 And someone else tells us that the person on the line did not help with
suggesting doses of insulin for injections. Those people on the line cannot give
medical advice. They are there for support, to help with pumps and they need to
follow the guidelines set up by the FDA. They don't tell you to call the MD for
the fun of it. There are always emergency MDs to assist us in making those
decisions. Even if it is not your regular MD. It is better than asking someone
not familiar with dosing to give you suggestions. What ever happened to taking
care of ourselves?
 Most of these people on the phone are there because they want to be. They have
a passion for helping us. There are many other jobs that they can hold, but they
chose us. Many do it because they themselves are a diabetic or they have someone
close to them that uses the pump.
 I know how hard it is to do without a pump and it is frustrating. It is true
what someone else said last week. We all have a pump that we like and we are
using them to have better control of a devastating disease. Not everyone is
going to like the same one. There are different needs and wants. We need to know
what can be done and what our manuals actually say (we need to read them).
Nothing in this life is perfect.
 I respect those who care for me and actually take the time to talk to me when I
need them.
Thank you to all the customer service, techs and clinicians!

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