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[IP] Ordering Supplies

I placed an order for supplies November 18th and by the fourth week of 
waiting,  I was getting ticked off, too.  I called to check on it and was 
told that the order had not been released.  Apparently she released it and 
it arrived four days later.


MiniMed 512; IDDM 41 years; no complications!
> From: Brian C [mailto:email @ redacted]
> Sent: Wednesday, December 22, 2004 2:27 PM
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] Ticked off at MiniMed
> Well its now been about a month and still no supplies have come.  I am
> almost ready to go with another company or go off the pump.
> They said.  We called and left messages.  and then gave out a number.  I
> told them  I have never had that number.  and also told them that every
> time I called them I gave them my phone number which is always with me.
> I have about  a weeks worth of stuff if I am lucky.
> Brian
> getting ticked off this holiday season

drz comments:

 I have ordered infusion sets this year from Minimed, Deltec, and Disetronic.
last two sent out the supplies quickly and they arrived in two or three days in
all cases.  Minimed took two weeks (I guess I was lucky) and it also took much 
longer time on the phone than the other two companies.  In fact I ordered my 
 pump in about one third of the time it took MiniMed to process an order for
 some infusion sets. I wonder if there is a pattern there. Anyway, I think it is
 important to have a pump that is not a captive product so you can order
from other sources if needed or wanted.

 I still haven't found the ideal infusion set, but am starting to think the
 ones seem easiest to use and cause the least discomfort. Is that because they
 to be thinner than the flexible cannula's plus they don't bend or crimp once
in? I
 had my first blockage alert when one of my MiniMed Quick sets crimped over
 but didn't know what was wrong until I gave up on the infusion set and changed
I thought it was in the hookup at first cause it would work for awhile when I 
disconnected and reconnected it at the site.

Merry Christmas to All
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