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RE: [IP] looking for a soul mate

I agree. I think its good for everyone even if they already have that
someone speical in their life. We live with diabetes everyday all day for
our life. I believe its good to talk about other things yes we need
someone to talk to about our diabetes but also we need to know that those
same people are there for a good laugh or two. I know I have laughed and
enjoyed the "perfect wife" to the "perfect hubby" topics. To those that
made us chuckle some this week Thank you!! those that were offended or
thought it was not the right place, I feel sorry for you.... lighten up
some life is too short not to enjoy yourself. Hopefully I have not upset
anyone for saying this but if I did well............. sorry.

I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!


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posts I think you have to have a good sense of humor >and every diabetic
I have met has had a good sense of humor let people be >themselves and
have fun. Quit tring to censor peoples fun. I'm having a good >time thanx
to all of you that have a sense of humor and to all of you who >don't go
find one. >* >Yesterday is but a vision, and tomorrow is only a dream.
But today well lived >makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and
evey tomorrow a dream of hope. >-Anonymous > >Tina Marie Jackson >Liberty
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