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Re: [IP] Re: good genes/complications

At 09:38 PM 12/23/2004, Sybil Vaughn wrote:
>Hi Wendell and RoseLea,
>  My endo says that some people tolerate diabetes better than others or in 
> other
>words they have good genes lol; I had no real complications for 41 years 
>and my
>control was certainly no where near perfect.

I am on my 42nd year right now.  I'm 53, was diagnosed when 11 years 
old.  In the old days, my control was probably very far from perfect, but 
in those days we didn't have a whole lot of tools available to help us with 
control.  It was mostly just take your shot/shots and eat the same amounts 
at the same time each day.  Not real good for a teenager and young adult 
who wanted very much to be like her peers.  However, I always tried to do 
what I was supposed to do and today, I strive for very tight control.

>  Then all of a sudden the year I turned 50 (after 41 years of T1) I started
>having complications but nothing that has made me disabled so far.

So far the only problems I have had is rotator cuff syndrome (they wouldn't 
call it frozen shoulder since they said I had too much movement) and I did 
physical therapy for both shoulders.  They are pretty good now.  I also 
have early stage cataracts, however, my non-D brother had cataract surgery 
at the age of 55 so I don't know if mine are diabetes related or just 

Other than that, I have no other complications.  I count myself both lucky 
and blessed.  I did a treadmill stress test and the cardiologist said that 
my heart was in excellent shape and even withstood hard exercise very 
well.  My microalbumin tests and my cholesterol tests are excellent, 
doctors are surprised when they see the results.  Family story has it that 
one of my ancestors lived to be 112 back in the 1800s (which was one heck 
of a feat back then), so I'm hoping I've got a few of his genes.

I will just continue to do my best and hope for the best.  I think that's 
all we can do.

not bragging
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