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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V8 #613

 My insurance company, BCBS of IL covers pumps and pump supplies; that's
probably even more general than your insurance company. You couldn't use the
infusion sets if you didn't have cartridges. I get batteries, cartridges,
infusion sets, adhesive removal wipes, prep wipes, and surgical dressing. In my
plan, BCBS pays 90%. I don't think they cover the software but I've never tried
to find out. I need a new computer before I put anything else on it, lol.
 I am on the Animas 1200. When I run out of one of my supplies, I just call
Animas and tell them what I need; they are wonderful about working with your
insurance company. Anytime I try to talk to my insurance company, no one seems
to know what is going on. They drive me nuts so I quit trying to talk to them.
The pump manufacturers have people who are trained to deal with insurance

From: remote <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Insurance and monthly supplies

I continue to inch my way (or centimetre my way here in Canada) towards 
getting on the pump and recently made my own contact with my company's 
health insurance company.

company and again, the response came back infusion sets and batteries, 
that's it .
My question is, when you order a pump, what compan's include the full 
set of accessories in the package, such as software etc. and which, if 
any, require that you order such things separately?

Thanks, and happy holiday's everyone
Nigel Armstrong
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