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[IP] Re: good genes/complications

Hi Wendell and RoseLea,
 My endo says that some people tolerate diabetes better than others or in other
words they have good genes lol; I had no real complications for 41 years and my
control was certainly no where near perfect.
 Then all of a sudden the year I turned 50 (after 41 years of T1) I started
having complications but nothing that has made me disabled so far.
 That year (1998) I started having back pain which was degeneration of the nerve
endings, then a heart attack. However my heart still pumps fine.
 Since then I've had two cataracts removed but no sign of retinopathy and my
eyesight is very good.
 I lost some of the cartilege in my knees and had surgery in one of them, but
now that is fine with the help of Celebrex (I'm now looking at other options.)
 Also had frozen shoulder for nearly 4 years; maybe I'll say more about this in
another email.
Now this is fine.
 On my last 24 hour urinealysis done last month, my protein level was 1.08 which
the endo said was not cause for great alarm but something that should be
watched. Will do this again in Feb. This is the one that kind of scares me so I
am trying to stay on top of it.
 Both my endo and my opthamologist are continually amazed that I am really doing
so well after almost 48 years of diabetes. I work 10 - 12 hour days and do other
things besides.
 There may come a day when I have really serious complications, but for now I
think I am doing well. I have certainly been blessed.
If any of you out there feel the way I do please contact me as to 
what you have done in order to keep youself free of complications.

 It's called genetics. You're just lucky to have gotten the right 
genes. So am I.

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