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RE: [IP] ppl that want to unsub

In defense of the helpers...

We do have real jobs, and when it is our turn to be the volunteer helper, we
squeeze that in to our work, our families, and whatever hobbies we have.  To
be fair, we took on this responsibility, and we do take it seriously.  We
check the database, and then change their subscription, as needed.
Sometimes people don't know which list (of over 20) they are subscribed to,
who to send to.  I look at is as if they are in the middle of the mall, and
they just need to know where the restroom is, and the sign is overhead.  No
harm, no foul... 

Now, for the people that put subscription change information on the main
list, when I see that, I ask them nicely to forward the e-mail to the
help@insulin-pumpers.org.  No harm, no foul.

However, all the people that jump on them, please give them a break.  That
is why I wrote the message to the group earlier today to consider the matter
closed.  I kind of knew that the (minor) hoopla that would be created by
this person writing help information on the main list.  They wrote back to
thank me for helping them out.

Hope this helps, and Merry Christmas to all of us.  Just for one day, let's
forget that we're all diabetics, and be grateful for the miracles that allow
us to live so long with a disease, that contracted 100 years ago would have
been a death sentence.  Either that, or old age would have gotten us by
now... ;)


"Sometimes a gentle push in the right direction is better than a hard push
(upside the head)" -- me

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> Are these the people that rode on the little yellow bus?  Can  they NOT
 > the bottom of each email that says this information? It just makes me

In defense of people being put down ....

Often sending a message to help address doesn't result in any
response.  Or it will result in a message several hours later.  The
last time I had to make a subscription change, it took two messages to
do it.

Most lists unsubscribe immediately, which confuses the issue.

Also, when I ran my lists, I found more people saw the
subscribe/unsubscribe information if it was at the top of the message,
rather than the bottom.

Kathleen Weaver
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