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Re: [IP] ppl that want to unsub

At 02:31 PM 12/23/2004, Brian C wrote:
 >At 03:21 PM 12/23/2004, you wrote:
 >>Hmmm! You must see more mail than I do, since my yearly received total is
 >>"only" 54,408 messages and I've sent out "only" 6,865 replies. <vbg>
 >Sam it was mainly from the 15000 Bounces I got in the 3 weeks last January
 >I hand to wade through.  ugg
 >Brian Carter

I forgot all about the bounced messages. ;-)

For all of you out there, that's another one of the little jobs that some 
of the more experienced admins do. Anytime a member's email inbox fills up 
at their ISP, all new messages bounce back to our server. If anyone changes 
email address without notifying us first, their messages start bouncing. 
When people block other IP members within their email program, messages 
regularly bounce back to us. All this adds up to a lot of messages which 
all have to be analyzed and tracked. If a member who is on regular mail 
starts bouncing a message for every new item posted on the list, we're 
forced to re-subscribe them to the Digest, to reduce the bounces we receive 
(and maintain our sanity). If a member bounces messages for over a week, 
we're forced to unsubscribe them.

It's not a pretty job... but somebody has to do it.

(who's the bounce-catcher this week)
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