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[IP] ppl that want to unsub

Are these the people that rode on the little yellow bus?  Can  they NOT read 
the bottom of each email that says this information?  It just  makes me wonder 
about people some days.  Am I being cynical?? I dunno, can  barely make sense 
out of what I am doing today.  
On another note, doctor apt. this A.M., everything went GREAT!  Baby  is 8 cm 
long head to rump, waved at us with his/her left hand.. kicked the crap  out 
of me (evidently did not like the ultrasound machine), we could see a  
 perfectly formed liver, stomach, intestines, nose, feet, hands and diaphragm.
was opening and closing it's mouth like trying to karaoke  (hand up to mouth 
and karokeing away, just like daddy..LOL), could not tell what  he/she is yet, 
was shy.  Kept giving us the "butt up" sign.  Actually  would give us about 
1/10 of a second to see (couldn't evidently) and then  roll back over and it's 
right leg would bend and cover whatever it's sex  is.  Turkey child, already 
 grounded..LOL Got a video and like 20 pictures.. we are on cloud 19 1/2 today!
 Heart rate was very steady (oho  yeah, wonderful looking heart too!) and 
 rate was 154 this time. After seeing the ultrasound, now I understand even more
that I am not loosing my mind,  but when I try to sit forward too much, acorn 
cap sized bladder is  "activated."  Baby's nickname so far is "acorn," for 
obvious reasons.   Well, that's all that I can think of folks.. taking my 
 afternoon nap (not like it is fun anymore).TTFN from cloud 19 1/2 here in AZ. I
 am so glad for the pump! Great BG's and I feel wonderful (when head is not in
trash  can)..LOL
~ ShawnaLT in AZ on IP that is PG
"It is unbelieveable that you need a license to drive a  2 ton killing 
machine and anyone can have  kids." 
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