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[IP] Correction to 508 pump and supplies

Hi there:  I realized I didn't sign my message and my date for my layoff is
February 1, 2005.  It will probably take me a whole month to get used to
changing over from 2004 to 2005.. hehehe

Here's my original message:

I was moving some items and realized I still have a very large supply of 508
pump supplies on hand.

I have 2 boxes (sealed) of SofSet Infusion Sets MMT-316 exp. 2/2009
2 boxes of Reservoirs MMT-103 (24 count) exp. 4/2008
8 boxes of Silhouette Infusion Sets MMT-373, exp. 6/2008
8 boxes of Reservoirs MMT-103A (10 count) 1/2006 and 8/2004.

I am asking copay plus shipping.

In addition, I have a 508 pump I am not using.  I was able to get a paradigm
right away and can no longer use these supplies nor the pump  itself.  I
originally had a co-pay plus a rather high deductible I had to meet first.  If
you are interested in any or all or any combination of the items listed,
please email me directly.

PS  I just got laid off from my job, effective 2/1/04, so I greatly appreciate
this and would be happy if someone else can get use out of these supplies!!

Debbie - Bellevue, WA
Type 1 for 3 yrs, pumping almost 2 yrs
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