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[IP] Re: DKA Advice

Hi Kel,
I am sorry you had to go through that, I know how scary it can be.

When she first woke at 5 am, did you check ketones?  The blood ketone monitor
is very helpful in these situations as it will give you the current level of
ketones in the body.  If she was throwing up it was likely that ketones were
high.  Ketones can cause you to be more insulin resistant and it may have been
that she needed the IV right away.  You often cannot keep up with the
dehydration problem.

We did have a similar experience to you (although initially my daughter did
not vomit) and waited for the insulin and fluids to work.  We also ended up at
the ER with a resulting 2 day hospital stay.  Sometimes you just cannot
prevent these things, but you were on top of the situation which is the most
important thing.  Our doctor, who was not familar with insulin pumps, did not
believe that DKA can happen so fast with a pump.  Another doctor at the
hospital said he had never heard of blood ketone meters and wanted us to check
urine ketones instead....

Hope that she will soon be feeling great for the holidays.

Best wishes,
Barbara, Mum of Claire 10

<<my daughter Shelby 12, woke me up at 5am this morning throwing up, her site
had come out. We changed the site, gave a shot. drank lots of fluid and after
awhile went back to sleep, woke up around 7:30, throwing up again. b/s over
500.  change insulin, do another shot. still coulnt get b/s down. She was not
sick by  the way. Took to the ER, they gave her IV's and her b/s came down
within a  couple of hours. What did I miss?
 DX July 03
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