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[IP] FIND your soulmate; don't wait for him to find you!

Ladies, why am I reading that you're all sitting around waiting and praying
for your soulmate?! Get out there and find him!

My 4-year anniversary is January 20. I met the most fabulous, incredible man
not by waiting and praying, but by advertising. I placed an ad in my local
newspapers' personals column in Dec. 99. It was my 40th birthday, I had been
single for several years, and was the full-time parent of two young boys. I
was self-employed, and owned my own home. I was alone, but not lonely. I had
been through a couple relationships that ended poorly, and had decided that
I'd rather be single and happy than with the wrong person.

I placed the ad, stating what kind of man I was looking for. Our paper also
requires you to record a voice message for prospective answerers to listen
to, and to leave messages for you to reply to.

I received over 40 answers within a few days. I listened carefully for clues
and "read between the lines." I had a standard personal bio I had written,
which I emailed to a select group. I corresponded for a couple weeks with a
few, but one stood out very quickly. He and I emailed for nearly a month
before speaking on the phone. When we finally met in late January 2000, we
already knew where each of us were coming from. The safety of anonymity
allows you to just truly be you.

Long story short, he proposed in May, and we were married the following
January. He supports me in all I do, has adopted my children, understands my
diabetes and knows how to inject insulin and test my blood (we're working on
pump training), likes my parents, treats his siblings well, is handsome,
well-mannered, cooks, cleans, and knocks my socks off in bed (without any
tangling problems, either!). Today is my birthday, and among the many other
gifts, I received a 6 carat diamond bracelet.

I've become bored seeing this forum used as a singles' column lately, but
decided I had to pass on my sucessful message. So, get out of the pumper's
forum (where you likely won't meet someone close enough regionally to date),
and check out your local paper!

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